Our story began with the pursuit of growth,
in any market.

Growing brands with paid media
is in our blood.

Thibaut Poudou, CEO, Clickoo

In the mid 2000’s, the technology fueled, data first advertising age we know today was still in its infancy.

Google had only recently become a publicly traded company, and Amazon prime had just delivered its first package. Steve Jobs was yet to reveal the iPhone, and the Google analytics platform as we know it today, didn’t exist.

As the decade progressed, our founder, Thibaut Poudou, working in a large media agency at the time, anticipated a shift in the digital advertising industry.

This shift was towards global digital advertising strategies, to meet the needs of a more connected, digital world.

Despite the explosion in popularity of global paid media advertising platforms like Google AdWords, the localised, multi-lingual campaigns needed to reach these ever-more connected global audiences were available only via a select few large media agencies.

Something clicked, and Thibaut’s idea to give all businesses the ability to connect with a global audience was born.

By combining paid media expertise, with a team of local market specialists he could create scalable, cost effective and impactful campaigns that connected businesses with their audiences across the globe.

This approach would create a collaborative team of highly skilled experts, working in an environment where everyone was collectively responsible for the global success of their clients.

Thibaut set about creating a paid media agency where everyone had a voice – and not just in one language. In 2009, Clickoo was born.

Over a decade later, our tight-knit team of specialists continue to build on Thibaut’s vision. Our unique approach of generating localised paid media strategies fuels our ability to communicate on a personal level in any market, and today our diverse team continue to connect with audiences around the world.

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Natalie McKenzie Buksh, Clickoo