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Shopping for the best growth for your brand?

The product visibility that comes with a shopping campaign is invaluable for growing brands.

Yet it’s commonly hailed as the biggest untapped opportunity in a digital strategy.

With customers actively searching for products, you must ensure you not only reach them, but drive them to purchase too.

Networks like Google Shopping can be some of the most competitive places in digital marketing, so understanding the right approach can be make or break for your paid media campaigns.

To get the best results, you’ll need to effectively customise your campaign structures. This involves getting to grips with the mechanics behind shopping campaigns – and that’s where we come in.

eCommerce paid media campaigns

Our approach

Whilst using ‘best practice’ for Shopping campaigns is common, we adopt a more contemporary approach.

We believe that optimum outcomes don’t stem from a one-size-fits-all template. Instead, we create a structure that’s built from the ground up, around your customer journey, and then finely tuned to get the most from machine learning algorithms and audience insights.

This is because the true power of shopping campaigns goes beyond just being at the finish line of the customer’s journey, and should be considered integral to introducing your brand early in their research process.

Having a strong presence on both the text, and shopping section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is proven to have an impact on your overall campaign performance.

Feed optimisation

We’ll help you sidestep feed quality issues and minimise cost-per-clicks. Our paid media experts understand how the information included in your feed can impact the overall performance of your campaigns.

Bespoke campaign structures

Sometimes broad approach gets the best results, utilising the power of machine learning to drive the growth of your campaigns. Other times, a more granular campaign structure allows for successful budget management at a product and category level which leads to greater success. Knowing which approach to take in what circumstance takes true expertise.

Ongoing campaign optimisation

Analysing performance down to an individual product level to get the best results out of your campaigns. Identifying best performers and even altering campaign structures if necessary to get the most out of surprise stars in your inventory.

Utilising custom labels

We go beyond simply aiming for the highest revenue possible. We work closely with you to understand which products make the most impact for your business, factoring in supply chain limitations, margins and seasonality.

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