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The most popular video platforms rank in the top 10 highest traffic websites in the world.

So it’s not hard to see why video is becoming an incredibly powerful weapon in the digital marketing arsenal.

Exposure on a large scale

In fact, YouTube reaches more than 80% of 15-25 year olds in some markets and more than half of overall users visit the platform daily.

Effective targeting

Combine that nearly unmatched reach, with the powerful targeting tools of the Google Ads platform and the performance of YouTube campaigns can quickly begin to outweigh the initial costs associated with producing video creative.

PPC campaign management

Our approach

Audience research

In order to effectively showcase your brand to the right audiences, first we work to better understand who they are. This is an important stage, as it allows us to more effectively choose targeting methods and associated interests which your potential customer might have.

Targeting selection

After we’ve worked to understand your audience, and their interests we translate that into platform specific targeting criteria.

With platforms like YouTube offering a wide variety of different targeting methods, it’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each method when choosing your approach.

Creative management

Matching the right creative with the audiences available ensures maximum engagement from your audience. YouTube features 6 primary video ad formats, so choosing the right one to suit your budgets and objectives can be make or break.

Campaign strategy

Understanding the different video campaign types is critical if you want to align your campaign results with your wider digital objectives.

Budget control

By identifying and segmenting our audiences into suitable categories, we can control our budgets to maximise results from the investment.

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Reach your audiences on a global stage.

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