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You’ll find plenty of international marketing agencies that claim to ‘speak your audience’s language’, but at Clickoo, we mean it literally. And, unlike the others, we were built for this kind of global advertising – it’s what we do, it’s what we’ve always done, and we couldn’t be any prouder.

After setting up shop in the hive of diversity and culture that is Manchester, UK, we set about changing people’s perceptions of international Paid Media advertising. That was nearly a decade ago, and we’ve been breaking geographical boundaries for a host of amazing organizations ever since.

The Clickoo way

Multilingual team

Between us we’re
fluent in 6 languages – 7
if you count Australian!

Native speaking

We don’t use translation
services, we’ve been fluent
ever since we could talk

Centered approach

Our multilingual team
work alongside each other
from our Clickoo HQ

We’re experts in the platforms you already know: Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bing… all of them. But we use them a little differently, with some impressive results.
As strange as it may sound, we don’t ever translate. We’re not here to recycle your existing ad copy by putting it through an algorithm or translation service – whatever anyone tells you, that does not get results.

Instead, we use native speakers from around the world to creatively craft amazing copy that really hits the spot for your European and international audiences.

We’re not ones for outsourcing either. We’d rather keep everything together and in one place so we – and you – know exactly what’s going on. So, while our marketing experts come from various countries around Europe and beyond, they all call Manchester, UK home – at least during office hours. It allows for incredibly effective collaboration, which means stronger campaigns and better returns on your investment. On top of that, our US team based in Los Angeles, CA is available to offer local points of contact and account management.

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There’s no point in expanding your business to Europe if you don’t market it accordingly. Sure, you can speak to a local agency in each new market you enter, but why bother with the hassle when we’ve brought all the experts you need together and a little closer to home?

Whether you’re after a few extra sales in one corner of Europe or total global domination, we want to help.

Speak to our world-wise wizards today; we’ll even let you pick the language.

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