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We manage your Paid Search campaigns, with expertise and transparency – in the US, Europe and beyond

Paid Search has been around for nearly as long as the search engines themselves, but with traffic to Google, Facebook, Bing and similar sites still rising, it is now more powerful than ever.

That is, providing you use it correctly. And that’s where we come in.

Our friendly Paid Search (SEM/PPC) experts have the skills and experience to help you boost reach and maximize profit.

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Tried-and-tested campaign management


It starts with research. We’ll dig deep to find the most effective keywords for your business and in your industry; that means looking at relevancy, length and value.
We’ll also work hard to understand you and your target audience, so everything’s relevant going forward.


Then, we apply expertise.

We’ll use our understanding of your business and its objectives to build solid foundations for a fruitful campaign. We’ll create a strategy that aligns perfectly with your business model and KPIs.


Finally, we deliver. We’ll use a blend of creative excellence, strict requirements and technical knowhow to put our strategy into action, keeping you close by and updated throughout.
How do we know it’s working?
We’ll be checking data throughout the campaign to ensure all the hard work – and more importantly, your investment, is paying off.

We know what we’re good at

You won’t struggle to find a marketing agency offering help and promising results. It’s a little harder, however, to find an agency that sticks to what it knows best.

Clickoo was founded over a decade ago with the sole aim of helping SMBs harness the full power of Paid Search marketing, and we’ve been doing exactly that ever since.

We don’t claim to be web designers, app developers or anything else
– all of our time and effort is focused on Paid Search, and the results show.

Some of our key Paid Search (SEM) areas


Your accounts will be expertly
built to maximize your Quality
Score and make the most of
your budgets


We’ll deliver a message that is
completely aligned to your brand
proposition using targeted,
engaging creative. Using partial
automation helps creating engaging
and relevant creatives.


Analyzing the abundance of data
made available to us, we ensure
your brand is entered in the
most profitable auctions


Understanding the ins and outs
of Quality Score allows to deliver
the cheapest clicks for our


Optimizing your feed and
implementing granular campaign
management to deliver
maximum ROI


Developing a dedicated strategy
to capitalize on increasing
mobile search volumes


Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
(RLSA) allow us to customize
search campaigns to previous
visitors to the advertiser’s
website. These lists can then be
used to tailor ad messaging and
bids to maximise profitability
and efficiency of the campaigns

AI, Automation and Scripts

Using AI, automation and scripts to scale,
automate and innovate with
your campaigns


Analyzing large data sets and
turning them into actionable
insights and digestible reporting

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A Paid Search (SEM/PPC) partner to trust

We refer to ourselves as Paid Search ‘experts’ a lot, and with good reason. Not only do we have plenty of successful campaigns under our belt already, Clickoo is officially a top-tier Premier Partner of Google, so we get the best guidance and training on the relevant Google tools, as well as early access to powerful new features we can use for your campaign.

We’re also an official Bing Partner, and have been harnessing the power of other search and social channels – including Facebook – for as long as we’ve been a business; and we have a few awards to show for it.
So, if you’re looking for a Paid Search or Paid Social partner you can rely on, get in touch today.