Google Shopping & Feeds Management

The ecommerce essential: As one of the best performing
channels when it comes to returns, we can help you increase
product visibility and boost sales
with Google Shopping

Retailers worldwide are flocking to adopt Google Shopping, with 53% of advertisers’ Adwords
budget now being invested in shopping ads and no hint of a decline in sight.

Placing your products at the top of a Google results page, Google Shopping offers a cheap
and highly-effective way to drive customers to your website by reaching them when they
are actively looking to buy your products.

However, implementing Google Shopping effectively can still be a challenge to the uninitiated.
Maintaining feed quality, developing an effective campaign structure and maximising profits
require expert understanding that only an agency can provide. We can help you with:

Feed optimization

By working with you to avoid feed quality issues, such as missing products and Google compliance, we’ll ensure your feed quality is improved and CPCs are minimized.

Granular campaign structure

The broad approach doesn’t work. The granular approach allows for effective budget management at product and category level.

Ongoing campaign optimization

We will manage product level bids and optimize for event seasonality, such as Black Friday and Christmas, to ensure maximize success and profitability across your shopping campaigns.

Utilizing custom labels

These ensure searchers are seeing your most profitable products first

We’re multi award-winning and accredited by the best

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